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Wellory Nutritionist

From New York

Specializes in making personalized nutrition simple

Masters of Science, Nutrition/Dietetics
New York University

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Favorite Vegetable

Sweet potatoes! They're filling,
easy to make and naturally sweet! They are also a great meal prep item. You can
make a bunch on Sunday and have them throughout the week.

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#1 Piece of Advice

Find your food story! Each of has a unique food story and finding it is like figuring out the last piece to the puzzle. Your food habits, food mindset,
and reasons, why you love the foods you do, will all help us uncover your personal nutrition.

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Signature Recipe

My favorite thing to make is veggie soup - it’s simple and
nutritious! Just take all the veggies you have in your home and throw them into a pot! Add liquid (veggie broth or coconut milk), a grain
(quinoa or brown rice), and all the spices!

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