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Eating everything in sight. 

You are so not alone. Team up with a Wellory
Nutritionist to change your relationship with food
for good, starting today.

Match with your Wellory Nutritionist. 

Share photos of what's on your plate and get advice when you need it, not judgement.

Text with your Wellory expert.

"I've lost 12 pounds since working with my Wellory Nutritionist. It's not just about the weight, she has completely shifted my mindset." 


- Florian


Build healthy habits that love you back.

Stick to your personalized plan with ongoing support from your Wellory Nutritionist. 

How It Works

Create your profile + match with your Wellory Nutritionist

Text photos of what you eat + drink throughout the day

Receive daily advice and support + weekly insights to track your progress

What's included in your Wellory membership?


Daily text messaging with a Wellory Nutritionist

Weekly progress tracking

Daily text-based accountability program

$2 per day to reach your health goals! 


Get started

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