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Wellory Nutritionist

From North Carolina

Specializes in helping busy professionals make small, sustainable changes that will outlast yo-yo dieting

Certified Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, NASM

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Favorite Vegetable

I eat the rainbow, but carrots are definitely my favorite - I love them roasted with olive oil, salt, & pepper. Sometimes I even put them in the air fryer for carrot “fries.” 

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#1 Piece of Advice

Break up with diet culture and self-comparison! There is so much false information out there that has led us all down rabbit holes with no results. Instead, give yourself time to really understand what healthy eating looks like for you and why. 

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Signature Recipe

I’m a huge fan of Buddha bowls! Pick your base with grains, cauliflower rice, greens + grains, or greens and throw in a protein like homemade veggie burgers, tempeh, or grilled chicken. Add your sauce and toppings of choice - hemp seeds, toasted nuts, sauerkraut, etc. Bowls never go out of style!

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