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5 Reasons You Need a Health Coach

by Landyn Saputo, Wellory Health Coach

Health and wellbeing is becoming increasingly more important in the world today. With an ever growing epidemic of diseases, chronic illnesses, and the additive factors of a high pressure society focused on social media, relationships, and finances – we are constantly pulled in a million directions while trying to remain in good health.

One of the many reasons I began working with Wellory, the first health coaching company, is because it gives affordable access to the Millennial audience that needs it most. Here are a list of the top 5 reasons that a health coach is essential to navigating society and getting on track with your wellness goals.

1. Accountability

Having support and someone to hold you accountable makes a huge difference in staying on track. It’s one thing to set a goal such as limiting sugar intake, and another to actually do it. Having someone to constantly be in communication with and offers guidance and support each step of the way makes it nearly impossible to steer off the path you are trying to go down with your wellness goals.

2. Structure

The amount of information on the internet and across social media about ways to get “healthy” is overwhelming. From sleep, to diet, to various forms of exercise, many people struggle with navigating what’s best for their INDIVIDUAL body. A health coach provides structure to all areas of your life in order to become the best version of yourself.

3. A New Perspective

Sometimes we think we’re doing all of the right things or we know the instant “cure” to fix the issue we are facing, but then we end up frustrated when we still aren’t seeing results. Health coaches have gone through extensive training to look at all areas of life in order to view health concerns from on an integrative level. A fresh perspective on diet, stress, or how your career health is impactful on your ability to lose weight, can open your eyes to a whole new way of taking back your health.

4. Clarity – Stop Guessing!

Often times we spend months, or even years, trying to figure out a treatment for our symptoms without gaining any insight to what the root cause of our issues are. I’ve seen countless clients that have gone around in circles trying to keep the weight off, eliminate the brain fog, or get rid of the post-meal bloat. A health coach can offer clear, well designed plans and targets to help eliminate the issue for good.

5. Take time for you!

Calls with your health coach are all about YOU. And you deserve it! It’s refreshing to take a moment in your busy schedule to tune into your needs, your goals, and your mindset. Although conversations with your health coach can bring up deep topics and emotions, the results of addressing those feelings are profound and heavily impactful.

So, now is the time to be proactive about your health. If you’re already spending time going to the gym and trying to eat right, speak to a Health Coach to make sure you are doing it right for YOU. Sign up for Wellory here.

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