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5 Surprising Things Your Health Coach Might Have You Do

By Alex Stalberger, Wellory Health Coach

Your health coach is there to encourage you, hold you accountable to positive and sustainable change, and lead you to a clear understanding of your health. Each coaching experience is uniquely different because YOU are uniquely different at this specific point in your healing journey. You might be searching for digestive relief, increase in strength or mental clarity, or you may simply want the accountability to take your new health routine to the next level. Our health coaches have numerous tools to connect you with your desired results and some just might surprise you more than others.

1. Be Honest

The real work happens when we can go deep, stay honest, and keep a positive mindset. On paper, you might be the world’s best vegan, paleo, or keto. Off the clock, you find yourself deep in pizza, and quesadillas. That’s ok. We aren’t afraid to hear the dirty, but being honest with yourself and your coach is essential to sustainable progress. Remember, we don’t judge! We want to hear it all, especially the tough stuff so we can help you see the positive, break down the patterns that are holding you back, and help you have that breakthrough you’ve really been craving.

When you enter into a coaching relationship, you’ll be asked to keep your sessions honest. Honesty keeps your sessions moving forward and keeps you gaining progress. Your health coach just might call you out on something that sounds a bit dishonest or a bit too “surface-level” by asking you things like “So what does that really mean?”, or “do you believe that’s the real reason you’re feeling stuck?”

2. Keep a food journal

A food journal serves as a snapshot of your nutritional progress and your health coach needs a baseline! Some place to start. Your coach may ask you to keep track of what you eat, when you eat it, and how that food made you feel. It may be super weird at first. Don’t be surprised if you identify feelings of guilt, embarrassment, or other negative emotions. Try not to settle on those feelings, write them in your food journal and let them go. Talk with you health coach about those feelings and let them guide you toward making your next progress goal.

3. Cook… (eek!)

This one should not be as surprising. Before you run away tail-tucked, stay with me. Your health coach may have you cook more. “More” might mean more than the zero cooking you currently do, or more might mean cooking more different foods. Throughout your coaching relationship, your coach will most likely suggest that you grow a deeper relationship with the foods you eat. How do you get to know your food? Like any relationship, you spend a bit more time with it. (i.e. buy it, wash it, chop it, cook it, eat it.)

Cooking is a spectrum and your coach will work with you to find realistic ways to get you more confident around foods for you and your goals.

4. Talk About Work Environment

You may be surprised to hear your health coach ask about your work environment or your home environment. Our health coaches understand that health is not only about what we eat and how we move. Although those things are critical components, they are not more important than having fulfilling relationships, a safe and positive work environment, and a home that allows you to be restored. Your health coach understands that one of the reasons you struggle to incorporate home cooked meals into your life is because your schedule makes it hard, not because you don’t know how to boil water.

5. Rest

We are guiding you down a path of sustainable and achievable health and wellness, which means we may support taking a rest. If your expressed goals are to find a work-life balance, we may support you taking a night off from the gym to spend some meaningful time with your family. If your goals are to eat more confidently, there may be a time when we support you to enjoy an indulgent meal with dessert to follow! You health coach doesn’t steer you toward unrealistic perfection but accountability, honesty, and confidence in your choices. You coach can help guide you toward making those critical decisions that will get you to reach your goals, and along the way there will be celebration and cake. Yes, cake.

Our goal as health coaches is to provide you with a safe space to be heard, help you become healthy and lead you to happiness. So, if you're ready for a richer life, sign up for your first session with us!

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