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What is the Difference Between A Health Coach, RD and Nutritionist?

By Dani Tamburro, Wellory Health Coach

Frequently asked questions on the difference between health coaches and nutritionists

Health Coach, Nutritionist, Registered Dietician. What do these three health professionals have in common? They all share a common goal to improve people’s lives and guide them to become the healthiest version of themselves.

However, the more important question to ask is “how are they different?”. It is important to understand their differences, so you can decide for yourself what is the best fit for you.

Here is an outline of each profession and what you can expect from working with them.

What is a Registered Dietician?

A Registered Dietician is a medical professional who will work with you to help treat and manage your condition using dietary changes. They are well versed in the government food guidelines and work towards improving public health. You can usually find a Dietician in hospitals, clinics, health care facilities, or sometimes in a private practice. RD’s can diagnose, prescribe, and are covered by medical insurance.

What is a Nutritionist?

A Nutritionist is a nutrition specialist who can help you uncover specific issues you are having such as digestive issues, food allergies, nutritional imbalances, or weight loss. You can expect they will tell you what to change about your diet based on your results. They cannot medically diagnose your issue. While there are programs available to receive a master degree in nutrition, there is no specific requirement or certification to become a nutritionist.

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a wellness advisor that will guide you to look and feel your best. They will help you set and reach your own personal wellness goals, whether that is eating better, losing weight, reducing stress or setting a healthier routine. A Health Coach believes that there is no one-size-fits-all diet. Health Coaches work with each client on a personalized plan, providing recommendations and improvements to lead the healthiest life possible. Health Coaches receive certifications to practice, notably from programs like the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. They are studied on over 100 different dietary theories and coaching techniques.

At Wellory, we believe in that there is no one-size-fits-all diet and calorie counting is a way of the past. Our team of certified experts take a holistic approach to help you eat better, feel good and stay accountable to your goals. We believe in the power of a health life to encourage a richer life. The better you feel, the happier you live. This might just be the perfect solution for you to start seeing real results and live longer.

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