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Simple Grocery Swaps to Level-Up Your Nutrition

With almost 40,000 different products in the average supermarket (not to mention an entire aisle dedicated to breakfast cereal), grocery shopping can sometimes feel overwhelming.

But whether your shopping strategy is to “stick to what you know”, “get whatever’s on sale”, or “wing it”, there are a few simple ways to level-up your shopping cart.

Here’s where to start: 5 healthy swaps to make on your next shopping trip.

#1 Swap White Rice for Ancient Grains

White rice is cheap, shelf-stable and flexible. But when it comes to nutritional value, this processed grain falls short.

Instead, opt for ancient grains like farro, barley, quinoa and bulgar, which pack more protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals than white rice. The best part? Ancient grains can add a nutty, savory flavor to your usual rice dishes.

#2 Swap Processed Meats for Canned Beans

Processed meats may have a long shelf life, but that’s no trade-off for their link to heart disease, cancer, and other chronic illnesses. Instead, stock up on protein-packed beans. (Pro tip: choose low-sodium!)

Add beans to salads, vegetable dishes, and pasta for a healthy source of protein plus fibera simple, complete meal in no time.

#3 Swap Pancake Batter for Rolled Oats

Pancakes are the perfect comfort food for a Sunday morning. But store-bought mixes lack fiber and nutrients, which can lead to blood-sugar spikes and overeating later in the day.

Instead, replace your pancake mix with plain rolled oats. Just blend 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1 medium banana and 3 1/2 tbsp of nut milk, for healthier weekend pancakes.

#4 Swap canned soup for the real thing

Just one can of soup can pack a full day’s worth of sodium (yikes). A healthier alternative? Make your own!

If you have your kitchen staples covered (like oil and spices), then this veggie-lentil soup just requires a quick trip to the produce aisle plus dry lentils, diced tomatoes and low-sodium vegetable broth. The best part? One batch can last you all week long.

#5 Swap Protein Shakes and Bars for Fresh Smoothies

They may be convenient, but protein bars, powders and pre-packaged shakes are typically filled with added sugar, artificial ingredients, and chemicals.

For a healthier swap, add a few ingredients to your weekly shopping list to make a high-protein smoothie. This simple recipe only requires frozen fruit, spinach, nuts or seeds and milk.

Here at Wellory, we know everyone has their own relationship with food. Our mission is to make it healthier.

Match with your Wellory Nutritionist today to start building habits that love you back.

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