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Here's Why Everyone's Talking About Turmeric

by Wellory Team

Everyone has been talking turmeric lately… literally everyone. From Cha Cha Matcha’s new delicious Golden Turmeric Latte to Candice Kumai’s Turmeric Kale Fried Rice, turmeric is taking over the NYC wellness scene. And why is this powerful disease-fighting herb dominating every wellness guru’s diets?

Here are the top benefits that has everyone indulging!


Yes, that’s right. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, which means it calms and cools any inflammation. Inflammation is the leading cause of disease, so why not get on the preventative band wagon! Better safe than sorry.


Ever heard of “prana”? In the Hindu tradition, your prana is your cosmic energy - the fire that gives you life, radiance, and strength. Turmeric spice helps to fuel this fire, keeping you warm and energized.


Forget your Prozac and expensive prescription bills! Instead, open your spice cabinet and add a few dashes of turmeric to your meals. This spice has proven results to help balance anxiety, feelings of depression and keep you centered.

Decided? Well we definitely are! Trends are started for a reason, and we can see why turmeric is a top favorite.

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