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Holiday Health: Holiday Party Survival Guide

The month of December is packed with festive dinners, cocktail hours and work parties. But between all the celebrations, it’s a notorious month for unhealthy eating.

This year, enjoy the holidays while keeping your health in check with our Holiday Party Survival Guide.

Dinner Parties

1. If you’re going out for a meal, look over the menu ahead of time. By selecting what you’ll order beforehand, you’ll not only avoid making a last-minute unhealthy choice, but you’ll also be able to round out your day. For example, if you choose to order a heavier dish at dinner, plan to have a green smoothie for breakfast and a salad with lean protein for lunch.

2. Order a salad to start. By filling up on nutrient-dense leafy greens at the beginning of your meal, you’re less likely to overeat on the not-so-healthy dishes later on. Aim for arugula, mixed greens or kale to pack in the most nutrients.

Cocktail Parties

1. Heading to a party? Eat a meal beforehand! Cocktail party food is generally cheesy, salty, fried and low in nutrients. The best thing you can do to avoid overeating low-quality foods is to fill up on a well-balanced meal beforehand. Aim for a combination of protein, healthy fats and carbs, like fish, broccoli and sweet potatoes.

2. Plate, don’t pick.

You’re more likely to overeat if you pick from food stations, passed plates and buffets. To be intentional about what you eat, take the time to prepare yourself a plate of food at a cocktail party. And if you can find a seat, sit down while you enjoy it!

Work Events

1. Have an office sweets alternative

During the month of December, offices can be filled with sugar cookies and chocolates. To avoid excess sugar, try keeping fresh fruit, like apples and bananas, at your desk. Any time you’re about to reach for processed, sugary foods, head to your desk for a piece of fruit instead.

2. Sip on something festive

To avoid snacking on baked goods, bring a festive, warming tea to work and sip on it throughout the day. Our favorite is chai tea with almond milk!

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