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How to Prepare for Your Health Coaching Session

By Alex Stalberger, Wellory Health Coach

Coaching sessions are POWERFUL especially when you go into them prepped and ready to make the most of every single moment. Take a few minutes to prepare. Here are a few quick tips that will empower you to have a goal-crushing conversation!

Set aside time

Congratulations! You’ve decided to hire a coach. Now it’s time to settle into the session and let your coach be your guide. To experience all the benefits of every session, start by dedicating time for your session. A bit of time before your session, a bit of time after, and definitely fully focused time during.

During your session you’ll be asked to recall the recent past, define what you desire for the near future and long-term future, as well as describe the challenges that you currently face. Taking the time to prepare for this kind of conversation will allow you and your coach to make the most progress each and every session.

Take time before your session to ask yourself what you would like to get out of the session, be as specific as possible. Not sure exactly? Consider your recent experiences, what prompted you to hire a coach, or what was especially challenging the last time you attempted to reach your goal without a coach.

Take the time after your session to rate how likely you feel you will achieve the goals you just set for yourself on a scale from 1-10. Find yourself hovering between a 6-8? Ask yourself what it would take to boost that confidence, and implement!

Be Honest

Being honest with yourself and your coach is critical for your success. Be prepared to disclose things which you are proud of and that deserve of celebration. Be prepared to disclose things that you also are not so proud of, would rather ignore, and you feel are deserving of nothing. Your health coach doesn’t judge! We are there to hear you, guide you to create your ultimate, realistic game plan to meeting your goals. Be prepared to be supported through your challenges. Our mission is to be here for you, support you and hear you fully.

Be Curious

Be ready to ask questions. Each person comes to a coach with a different level of knowledge. Your coach wants to answer your questions, clear up trends and pop-culture confusion and provide you with clean, simple advice that you can implement into your lifestyle today. Your questions guide your sessions and ensure the information you receive is unique and specific to you.

Be Specific

Your coach will be asking you to get specific and describe in detail what you want to achieve because we know that a specific goal is a good and achievable goal. Practice expressing exactly what you want. Say it out loud - tell the world your goals! You may not know all of the details right now, but you know a lot about what you want! For example, you may want to lose some weight. But how much? Don’t sweat it if you don’t have a number in mind. Focus on expressing how it is you want to feel. You want to lose enough weight to wear your favorite dress again or to feel calm and confident on your cruise in the Bahamas. Get ready to discuss the bits and pieces you DO know with your coach.

When you implement these tips, you are positioning yourself for optimal success. Your health coach is there to encourage you, hold you accountable to positive and sustainable change, and lead you to take control of your health. Allow the health coach to guide your experience and lead you to experience a life more vibrant than you’ve imagined!

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