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So, How Could You Benefit from Working with a Health Coach?

By Michelle Cady, NYC-based Health Coach and author of Self-Care in the City

I’m very resistant asking for help.

I like to do things on my own and as a Taurus, I can also be quite stubborn. Anyone else the same!?

But — when I’ve reached out and found the right expertise, I always make the most strides forward. I’ve hired countless coaches and mentors as I built my business and recovered from Adrenal Fatigue. And you know what? I’ve never once regretted an investment in my company or my own health.

It’s been so worth it.

So, are you curious about how you might benefit from working with a health coach on Wellory?

Let me tell you a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes:

1. Health Coaches Personalize Everything.

No two people are the same. You're incredibly unique. And that one-size-fits-all approach? So yesterday.

One of my clients hates eggs, and loves oatmeal. The other loves eggs and hates oatmeal. And that's okay!

The future is all about personalization. Alongside your health coach, you create your personalized wellness plan: a set of nutrition guidelines, fitness techniques, and self-care rituals that will make you feel better, achieve your health goals and elevate your performance in everything you do.

Your body will thrive on a customized, personalized, and effective protocol that fits seamlessly into your life, repairs your system on a cellular level, and supports your progress with ever-present accountability and partnership by your health coach.

2. You Invest in Yourself.

Deciding to pay for wellness services can be a big investment: when you decide to pay for that massage, or facial or personal trainer, you're using your money to express what's important to you. I'm all about it!

While you can occasionally find a health coach that works with doctors and insurance plans, most great health-coaches are still an out-of-pocket expense. That means that when you're ready to sign-up, you're ready to invest in yourself, put in the time and see results. My clients are all super motivated when they begin working with me and we capitalize on that excitement to see big changes right out of the gates.

For the cost of a few expensive handbags or a trip to Europe, you can instead spend six months focusing on how you feel, and optimizing your body and future health.

Now that's an investment that pays dividends.

3. Your Draw the Line in the Sand.

It sucks to work really hard at something and not see results.

I had one client come to me who was so frustrated that she was sleeping 8 hours a night, but was still absolutely exhausted every single day. She'd had enough. So, we dove in to her hormones, ordered the right diagnostic tests via her doctor and figured out her cortisol hormone had been in overdrive for years and was on the edge of burnout. She came to me because she was sick of feeling like crap and decided it was finally time to ask for help and guidance.

Same goes for weight-loss goals. Do you feel like every week you drop a couple pounds and then gain them all back on a weekend of letting loose? Health coaches help you figure out how to navigate this work hard, play hard mentality, so you feel more balanced throughout the week, but still get to enjoy some of the foods or drinks you love.

4. You Become Friends.

Pick a coach you'd like to be friends with!

I get to know my clients really well and one of my favorite parts of my job is getting to hear what's going on in their head (with no filter). I often feel like a friend you can tell anything to — more so than your spouse, your bestie, or your sister. Sometimes a neutral third party is the magic solution to getting things out of your head and worked out in real life.

Health coaches are trained to ask high-level, open-ended questions that get you thinking deeply about the root cause of what's going on for you and let you come to the answer yourself. Sure, there's sometimes tears, but there is also a lot of laughs. My clients say they leave each session on a high — feeling empowered and like they just had a mini-therapy session.

5. You Change Your Internal Dialogue.

Shaming yourself for eating those fries is no way to live. Health coaches help you reframe situations and learn to give yourself permission to occasionally eat those fries, but balance out your cravings with abundant vegetables, targeted supplements, and the right amount of sleep, rest and exercise. You won't even want to be diving in to the junk food after you've worked through a program with a health coach. You'll learn what indulgences are worth it to you, and then not beat yourself up when you treat yourself to a divine chocolate chip cookie from the bakery or your favorite margaritas with the girls. It's life! It's part of the plan. And you have a strategy to reset and get back on track the next day.

6. You Learn to Fly.

Health coaches teach their clients a set of tools to use for life. You'll learn how to figure out what your body is asking for — do you need more Carbs? Fats? Protein? Water? When was the last time you gave your body some movement? Do you need more sleep? Do you need to start back up with your probiotics since you've been having digestive discomfort? We teach our clients all these questions, so when they've graduated from the program, they're ready to fly and be their own coach in the years ahead.

Now that's the future.

Michelle Cady, NYC-based Health Coach and author of Self-Care in the City

Michelle Cady is a former finance executive turned wellness author and highly sought after integrative nutrition health coach. Michelle's personal experience of recovering from adrenal fatigue and burnout influences her coaching and focus on nutrition, fitness, and stress management with her clients. Michelle's book, Self-Care in the City, brings to life the core principles of her private health coaching practice, where she teaches high achieving go-getters around the world to reach even greater levels of success through the incorporation of wellness practices into their daily lives. From CEOs to entrepreneurs, her approach and techniques have empowered the best of the best to up-level their brainpower and performance Michelle's writing has been featured in mindbodygreen, Well+Good, Elite Daily, Women's Health, Redbook and Thrive Global, among others. She is the Founder of the wellness platform, FitVista, and Self-Care in the City is Michelle's first book. Michelle graduated from Middlebury College with a BA in English in 2008. You can find more about Michelle's story, blog and resources and work with private clients at

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