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Why a Healthy Lifestyle Lasts Forever

By Courtney Winger

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Healthy lifestyle. It’s a term you’ve probably heard millions of times over the last year as the “wellness” industry has seemingly taken over. But the concept is pretty broad…so what does it really mean and why should you care?

To me, a healthy lifestyle means forming a combination of diet and exercise habits and then finding a routine that contributes to you looking, feeling, and being your best from the inside out. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are truly wide reaching. Let’s take a moment to break down just a few:

Consistent and controlled weight. Sticking to a consistent diet and exercise plan promotes consistent and controlled weight. No more yo-yo weight gain and loss and no more riding the emotional roller coaster of crazy weight loss techniques.

Increased energy and mental clarity. A combo of healthy diet and exercise are proven to promote sustained energy levels, helping you steer clear of huge peaks and falls…aka avoiding that cloudy 3 o’clock feeling we all know and love. When your body is receiving the nutrients it needs, its able to work more efficiently and manage energy levels appropriately over extended periods of time. Plus, when you exercise you’re working the cardiovascular system which helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the body. #winning

Stronger immune system. While diet and exercise most certainly are not the only drivers of immunity, I do believe that there are things that we can proactively do to promote and encourage healthy white blood cell activity. When we eat well and treat our bodies right, they are better armed to recognize and fight the “bad guys” (think viruses, bacterial infections, etc.) when they come along, and they will.

A greater sense of balance. As you eat and move your body and try different foods and work outs, consider their effect and then make an intentional decision to either continue or eliminate "xyz" going forward with the idea that, at some point, you’ll find that mind-body connection where it will all start to come naturally to you, bringing feelings of calm and balance. This sweet spot is the ticket to good health, happiness and much much more.


Finding a healthier lifestyle that works for *you* requires time and patience. Womp womp…I know. Take a moment to let go of what you read on your best friend’s cousin’s blog, what you heard on the news, what you saw on Instagram, what your fitness instructor told you, all of it. Just focus on how you feel. That’s it. At its core, this concept of healthier living is super simple - it’s really just the clank and clatter of our daily lives that sometimes gets in the way of our success.

If you truly make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle then I can promise you that, over time, the benefits will start to manifest themselves and it’s then that the pieces will all start to come together.

Sending good vibes and good luck to each of you! xx C

Courtney Winger

Founder, Wingspan Wellness

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