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Why Health Coaching is So Important

by Dani Tamburro, Wellory Health Coach

What to eat and how much to eat- what was once instinctual, is now something we must think about carefully. Over the last half a century, as a nation, we have continuously grown sicker and sicker. At the same time, more scientific advancements have been made and an abundance of nutrition information has become available. Why as we learn more, are we getting sicker?

For one thing, the information we are receiving is contradictory. How do you know if you should or shouldn’t eat dairy, if you should or shouldn’t eat fat, if you should or shouldn’t eat meat, etc. You may be confused and don’t know where to turn. Welcome to today’s world! We’re all stressed out, overworked, and overmedicated.

When it comes to guiding food and lifestyle changes, that’s where a Health Coach comes in. A Health Coach can step in and provide the guidance you need to focus on staying healthy and becoming the healthiest version of yourself possible. There is no better time than now to invest in a Health Coach. Here are 3 reasons why:


It takes a team to make a dream come true and it’s hard to do it on your own. Often times we know what we need to do, but getting started and sticking to your goal is the hardest part. A Health Coach will work with you on setting realistic, measurable, and achievable goals and action steps. Then, hold you accountable so you can stay motivated and inspired to keep moving forward.

Personalized Attention & Continued Support.

Everyone is unique- what works for one person, doesn’t work for another. A health coach can provide you with an individualized approach and guide you to figure out what you need for your unique body and situation. A Health Coach can guide you through food and lifestyle changes your doctors told you to make and be that support to you for as long as needed.

Holistic Approach to Healing

Health Coaches will work with you on identifying what the root cause of your issues are. They will listen and encourage you to heal from within, rather than putting a temporary band-aid on the problem, only for it to come up later. Health Coaches will help you look at your life from all angles so you can best assess what is going on and what you can do to be your healthiest self.

Health Coaching is the future of Healthcare. Through Health Coaching, you will get the attention you need to heal for good. A Health Coach will root for you in all areas of your life. They will support, guide, encourage, and challenge you to be the best you can possibly be and the healthiest version of YOU.

If everyone had that, imagine how much healthier and happier we would be?

Together we can make it happen!

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