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Eating everything in sight. 

You are so not alone. Team up with a Wellory Nutritionist to change your relationship with food for good. Starting very soon. 

Food isn't just food. 

What we eat every day has a huge impact on our brains, bodies and our ability to cope in weird times:

Immune System

Let’s get it ready for a fight when we put more immunity-boosting micronutrients (a.k.a. vitamins and minerals ) on your plate.

Together is the way we stay accountable. 

You’re 95% more likely to hit your goals when you team up*. Here’s how it works: 


Match with your Wellory Nutritionist. 

Take our quick quiz to find your perfect fit, down to food preferences and communication styles.

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Share photos of what's on your plate.

Then get advice when you need it. No judgment. No calorie counting. No weigh-ins. No thanks. 


Make progress with a personalized plan.

No off-limit foods. Just ongoing support from your Wellory Nutritionist so you can stay on track.

Build habits that love you back for less than a latte.

For $2 per day, here's what you can expect from Wellory:

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Get started

A 30-minute call with your Wellory Nutritionist kicks things off. Then it’s 1-on-1 from there, completely customized to you.

Learn and adjust

Unlimited Q&A texting. Daily photo-based food tracking. And advice, not judgment, when you need it.

Keep it going

A personalized plan, created by your Wellory Nutritionist, not an algorithm. Plus daily support to stay on track.

Membership is $59.99 per month. Launching August 2020. 


A few words from the many finding balance with Wellory:

So much seems so unpredictable but knowing I have my Wellory Nutritionist by my side and to help me stay healthy is what is keeping me going right now. I truly can't imagine life without Wellory!

Lauren, 29, NYC

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